13 Jan 2011

Sup blogger

I been keeping my eyes on your movement
I can't see no room for improvement

3 hours sleep
&& I'm still awake

So what can I tell you.
It's mega hectic at the moment and been a crazy 24 hours. There was tension. I had housemates. Went to the library for the first time. Power napped. Went to Brighton Marina for the first time. Ate Calzone. Saw 127 Hours. Lost housemates. Gained a house viewing. Found some more books in the library online. Wrote about 143 words. Facebook chatted. Bopped.
I think tomorrow will be just as crazy. Well I think everyday will untill I finsih this palava of assignments and accomodation.


  1. Hope everythings okay, sounds mental
    Be strong!

  2. bop? please use in a sentence

  3. I bopped listening to music :)