15 Jan 2011

The Library

Last august I got a job working as a casual library assistant and only received my training today. I know right? But it's the council and you need CRB checks and things. So off I scooted there in the cab :)
Got there for 9 as wasn't sure if it was 9 or half 9 and thought I'd be on the safe side and get there early. Never actually been to Goodmayes library before. It was quite a small, quaint little library. I couldn't work our whether it was bigger than Keith Axon or not but I think it is. I won't be specifically working their though. The job entails me to go where they need me so I'll flit all over Redbridge. Although saying that some libraries may be cut and it looks like Goodmayes might be the top of that list. Which is sad. Still yet to be decided though.

So I had a little tour around. Didn't take long as it's quite small. Then at the back there was this little shelf bit with all Redbridge stuff. Turns out it's pretty much everything the council does and is documented. Basically if you wanna read the minutes from last weeks meeting you can. I never knew that! Did you know libraries do that? They also have the electoral register. I sorta cheekily hinted I might be in there and he got it out and started to look for it. I was genuinely excited by the prospect of seeing my name and the manager treated this as if it was practise of a member of the public wanting to find their name but knew really that I was just curious. After a little bit of flipping of the huge file, there I was in Chadwell Ward, Sarah R O'Brien, next to my mother and father. I felt all happy and noticed. He said that people like to feel like they're part of society and revel in the fact they have the right to vote, which they should do. And I agreed with him and thought yeah it is good, I like it :)

After that the library opened and people filtered in slowly but then all of a sudden within an hour there were all these people. Well I say that but it wasn't packed but there was a lot more people than I expected. I guess I am really ignorant about libraries but you hear all the time how no one uses them any more and you expect that. Granted there are more visits now because of the internet (which he told me and I added to my essay) but there were a lot of people around the desks just studying. A couple of people just reading. I found that strange. Can't they read at home. I know it's quiet there but this guy brought a book with him and sat with his headphones in. I don't see the difference.

Also a lot of mums with young children came in and returned then booked out the limit for the books. Children's books. I never really thought about it before but it makes sense as these books can be really expensive, especially if you're buying a lot of them and kids get bored anyway. I guess I forgot how much libraries do and are fundamental for the community and it will be really sad to see these go. Just like the swimming pools.

So overall I had a good time. Quite fun being a librarian. Also being local it's nice when people ask where you live and know exactly where you mean :)
One of the librarians actually lives in the next road along :)

Oh and a woman took out some books and one of them was J. R Ward, the yellow one, and I thought "Wahey ;) Someones having fun tonight" lool && I know I read them but I'm 19 and this woman was about 40, I think its a lil bit different. Plus I know people think that when they see the cover and see me reading it. And I can make a clear judgement 'cos I've read them.
Anyhoo that little last bit was really for you Jen. Put a smile to my face :)


  1. My work experience! Actually haven't stepped in there since though.

  2. Ohh it sounds like so much fun!

  3. Remember David working there. O was jealous.
    LMAO i figured i looled at you 'Wehey ;)'
    Sounds funn, i think i might be your groupie during the summer, follow you to all your libraries :)