20 Jan 2011

I got this

book for Christmas and I jus' don't know what to do with it. It's pretty nice with its hard material cover.

I don't wanna use it for uni because I already have big A4 lined paper books for that. I cannot write without lines. Also don't wanna use it as a diary 'cos I don't do that anddd I have a blog. So I jus' don't know.

Any suggestions?


  1. thought book, or copy out your favourite quotes/lyrics/sayings anything into it (they always look better handwritten and seem more personal I find). Or stick in things that inspire you, anything like newspaper/magazine articles/photo's etc etc etc.

  2. Yeah what kelsey said, a life scrapbook kinda thing with like pics and newsspaper clippings or lists/aspirations. ive got one like that and i just write random shizz, though to be fair i write so much junk all over the place a few of them become obsolete.

  3. Its so very prettyy

    I'm liking the scrapbook idea
    But more like with tickets, souvenirs and memoirs of like places you've been or things you've seen or special days, stuff like that

  4. What a fun blog! I suggest you take some of your posts and comments from you blog, print them out, and make a personal hard copy blog.
    Really appreciate your layout and the change from the crap I'm writing....thanks

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