9 Jan 2011


I feel like I haven't posed anything of significance for a long time
and there is actually a fair bit that I meant to but either forgot or never got round to doing
I sincerely apologise

So what I shall do is give you a lil' update on me. Not that you should entirely care because me jus' talking about me isn't very interesting but it might explain as to why I've not been blogging and then I can blog stuff. Also maybe the days thing has taken over too much. I'll stop doing it so much.

Okay so..

I've not actually done a lot this Christmas holiday. I guess it's not as riveting as other peoples holidays but I enjoyed it and got to spend time with people I really missed. Seeing these people more often also makes it harder to go away again. I've had some work, uni work, that I have needed to do and I have finished one assignment but there are still two leering over me and I shall start them tomorrow. I hear your sneers and coughs but I actually will because the sooner I finish them the sooner I can come back home. 'Cos here is another lil piece of info I've obtained. In my very short time in Brighton this week, so short it's hardly worth mentioning, I learnt that we have two weeks off after our assignments are due, before the start of semester two. So the quicker I do my essays and hand them in, the quicker I can come home. Now you've heard me moan a tremendous amount about home before and brag a load about Brighton so I'll set the record straight. I don't particularly like Chadwell Heath. However I feel totally at home here. I don't feel entirely relaxed in Brighton that I can completely be myself. Especially with recent news that I've received I feel that it is going to be really awkward living there for the next couple of weeks so I jus' want to get out for now. Here I have some of the greatest people I will ever know and I love them so much. They are truly great and one of the wondrous things about them is that they except me for who I am. I don't feel awkward about what I say around them. Even though the Heath is a small crappy looking town on the outskirts and there is nothing here, it's a nice feeling to know that there's this vast city not too long away which I can go and explore (or shop in lol) if need be. Brighton, although as lovely as it is, is a city but a very small one. I think it is jus' 'cos it's winter but there's not That much to do. I cannot wait for the Spring 'cos I think it'll be jus' lovely there. And I love Spring. So there it all is. Said more than I thought I would. Now time for a bath.

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  1. YAYS for Heath lovin'
    The Heath isn't the same without you
    And that is the truth my dear

    Like they say;
    You can take the girl out of the Heath
    But you can't take the Heath out of the girl