25 Jan 2011

Day 21 - One of Your Favourite Shows.

I'm sorry but I can't pick a favourite, so what I'll do instead is write a brief little thing on my besties.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer-
I actually grew up with this show (you can see where the Vampire obsession comes from). Started watching it at the age of 7. With parental consent. To this day my dad still doesn't know what possessed him to think it was ok (probably 'cos he wanted to watch it too).
This show isn't scary. This show is awesome. The writing is brilliant. The story lines are quite traditional in some aspects but with modernity also. One of the few shows that deals with both sides of evil. The one being that it should be fought but also that there are some exceptions. It's a drama with loads of suspense but also a lot of comedy and deals with simple teenage issues as well but not in a cliche way. The casting is superb. I was so sad to see it go.

Is my newest obsession. This show totally draws you in. I wish I'd started watching it sooner. The writing again is amazing. The way that it makes the audience side with the main character even though he is a serial killer. The actor is jus' brilliant. He gets you to root for Dexter and you don't even think you're rooting for the wrong guy. Also another drama with many twists and turns, surprises and great comedy. I always think every season, how are they going to make this one different, surely he has to get caught sooner or later. So far though they've succeeded in fantastic story lines in each season and I hope it continues on for a long time.

I actually don't know where to begin with this show. I've sat here for a couple minutes debating how to start. Like the others it's a brilliant drama but also a comedy. Hugh Laurie really steals the show. He's House so of course he does but he really brings a lot to the role and to the audience. He jus' has this certain presence about him. He also ad libs a lot the lines for comic effect. I've also often wondered with this how the next season will continue to be as good but again it has done. Possibly be drawing to a close soon with this season as it is the seventh. I would hope not though 'cos I really do love it.

I really love all these shows and could watch them again and again till the cows come home.
Yes they're all American but American writing has improved a lot in the last 20 years and has over taken British. There a lot of British comedies I like though. However they're not dramas and these I absolutely love and couldn't imagine life without them so thought I'd write about them :)

Oh and best theme song ever

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