17 Jan 2011

Day 20 - Your Favourite Photographer

Yasmin Falahat.
I'm not a big person on photography. Like I don't know any real famous photographers. But if I see a photo I like I'm like wow. Every photograph I've seen taken by Yasmin I'm like Wow. Check her deviantArt here. She'll be making millions one day. Some of her photos are already published! I wanna have one of her photos on my wall. When I'm a millionaire and can afford to buy one.
She makes bows and shizz for your hair which you can see and buy here. Loadsa her pics are here too on her blog. So yeah, Yas i think you're awesome :) Hope you don't mind me saying so. I'm not sure what you wanna do and photography might not be in but you're good at it and will still make millions whatever artsy thing you do/make.

'Cos Yasmin likes 30 seconds to mars and this videos cinematography is amazing..


  1. awwwhhhhh, thank you so much sarah <3!
    I'm literally sitting here smiling to myself now ahaha
    this actually means an awful lot to me!
    (and ending it with 30STM = perfecto)

  2. Agreeee
    Shes totally going to be a gazillionaire one day
    Stupendously talented

  3. You forgot to mention that fact that some of her photo's are already published! Proof she's talented (if the pictures don't justify that enough already).