17 Jan 2011

Day 17 - Your Highs and Lows of This Past Year.

Things happened that I didn't want to happen. Things happened that I did. I think more things happen that did actually. Usually stuff I want doesn't come to me and I don't mean material but on occasion last year I got it. I also lost stuff too. Some things happened for the better. Actually I think most things did. (Don't you love how I'm being cryptic). People always say "Oh this past year was the Best so far I don't know how the next one can beat it?!" or the other way round "I jus' want this year to be over though I don't know how next year can be any better". I'm neither of these. I thought 2010 was mediocre really. Like any of year I guess. I don't think this year will be any different.

I don't really have a song for the year. However I did really get into The Smiths. So I shall leave you with one of their songs.

I also realised I didn't really answer the question. But me no silly. I'm not gonna reveal personal stuff on my blog. I mean who would do that? lolz

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