14 Jan 2011

As you know

its been a hectic week. Its not actually quite over yet. Although house hunting seems to be finished its not yet official, though that is quite a big weight off my mind. I still have a lot of work to do. 700 words left to go on my core media essay on the internet and a 2000 word essay on my video evaluation plus individual production log. Also gotta get permission slips signed:/ Ahh shoulda sorted that earlier. At least our fashion documentary for video production is finished (Y). You can all see it in due course :)

At some point next week I've gotta head back to Brighton to hand in my work, return books to the library, get the slips signed and turn up to video production. Can I do this all in a day? I hope so.

Although the stressfulness is not over I'm happy now to be home. I've missed my mac dreadfully as was stuck with the laptop and its looks SO big to me now and is jus' lovely :)

When I get all this sorted I can blog normally :D I think I'll have to do a post about Glee. Also a post about how my library training goes tomorrow eek! It's weird going to work so local, I'm so used to traveling. Still need to get bus but its actually in the same borough!

Ok so tomorrow lets hope to finish my core essay as I've only got 700 words to go! That's reasonable eh?

&& then do video essay sunday night && monday day

and then tuesday come back to them both and tweek to perfection?

Brighton wednesday.
then fintio?

I dunno why I'm telling you all this, I jus' think I need to tell someone my plan. Dunno why. But there it is.

Ta Daaaa


  1. Sounds like a brill plan sarah, keep up the great work! :) x

  2. I understand the need to write down and tell somebody "the plan"
    Sounds like a good plan, stan
    Don't stray
    Good luck