16 Dec 2010


'cos I've never done a day blog for thursday
and I went out the house so...

I went to bed ridiculously late. Woke up ridiculously early. Thought I hadn't even slept as it was still dark. I was all hot and bothered, unable to breath with a scratchy throat. Couldn't believe it was only 7:30 and also that I was home alone..the rents leave early. Of course I tried to get back to sleep. My mind however was up and awake and working on over time. This doesn't usually happen to me. So eventually at 9 I opted to admit defeat and sleep in the afternoon. Made tea and crumpets and actually watched The Wright Stuff live for a change. When returning my stuff to the kitchen I heard a tapping noise coming from the conservatory as if someone was trying to get my attention. Happened twice and I almost unclocked the door and went in to check but the viewing of thrillers and horror films told me not too. (The tapping has actually continued throughout the day in various parts of the house. Poltergeist?) Afterwards I ummed and ahhed about going the gym. Many pros and cons to the list. Then I thought about the money I was wasting and straight away got changed. Why didn't I think about this to motivate me before? I guess I wasn't as poor before.

So off I went into the heath. I haven't been out much this first week home. May not be the best excuse but being back early everyones busy and not ready to socialise. I've also been ill so I think that is a pretty decent excuse. Even yday I was going to go to the bank in Romford to put in some cash but got to the end of my road and my mum was coming home and said she'd put the money in my account. It's almost as if Chadwell Heath is shielding me in my home, keeping me in a bubble. Possibly to protect me? I'm very superstitious(on things such as fate and luck not ghosts and gouls, I'm a sceptic). Being soaked outside the harvester by a truck going over a mahussive puddle added to my suspicions. Lucky for The Heath though I was going to the gym and was only in joggers, I didn't care too much, was jus' cold for a bit.

Gym was fun actually. Found a £1 on the floor (Y). Went into woman's only room and it was empty so I went on the cross trainer and behaved like I was at home; mouthing hole heartedly to the songs I was listening to. I knew I should rein it in 'cos as of any moment someone could walk in && the door was right next to the machine. I lasted for a good 35 mins till a woman walked in making me jump out my skin and probably freaked her out a bit that I was so taken aback. She only came into stretch and was gone within 5 so I started all over again :) I made amends though when I was leaving she was coming back in and I gave a lil timid smile, I think I sorted it.

On way back saw Chaz, had a lil convo then it was back home. Showered first before I even had a drink and I went to the gym without water :/

Anyways the rest of my day wasn't eventful. Didn't actually sleep. Gonna jus' try and go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight instead and get a decent normal persons night sleep. It's actually really bad of me I've not had much to do and I haven't done my work. Prime opportunity as I imagine the next two weeks will be fairly busy and who wants to work during the week between Xmas and New Years?! That week is brilliant, like no mands land, no one knows what day it is! I will jus' have to do it when I don't want to.

My own fault.
So that's thursday
Poltergeist laid off a bit since mums been home
Good job I'm a sceptic
I jus' waved at the parts it knocked at and it stopped :)

Amazing how I can make a long blog post out of nothing

How was your Thursday?

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  1. The whole puddle thing is so bad!
    You're right, doesn't just happens in films.
    You day at the gym sounds fun!!
    I love how Chaz got a mention - he'd get so happy if I told him... I wont :)