2 Dec 2010

Snow Times

So last night the snow started up again and it was really heavy. How I described it was cotton wool buds falling. Everyone decided to go out and play in the snow so we all wrapped up and out we went. I live on a massive hill, so the thing to do was sledging. Being English we don't have sledges but we had bin liners! lol. So we trudged up the hill, which in all the 3 months living here, I have never done before lol. 
As we got to the top there was a big crowd of people and two pubs that I never knew were there. Everyone was taking it in turns to sledge down. I, however, stood firmly at the side taking pictures as I was too scared. If it was on a grassy hill and a bit more fluffy snow I would have done it. But with so many people doing it, the road had gotten really icy and I didn't fancy it. Luckily though, my new flatmate and fellow mediarite, Charlotte, was scared also so she stayed with me at the sidelines. 

Some of the things people were using to sledge was quite funny. We had the keep clear wet floor yellow signs, recycling boxes, tables from the kitchen, for sale signs and of course bin liners. The for sale signs were the best thing. They made it all the way to the bottom. 

One guy even went down on his bare arse. He was starkers in the snow! That was a sight for sour eyes. Very funny.

The trip down the hill was not so fun. Charlotte and I were gripping houses and railings; anything we could on the side to not slip. I did slip into Charlotte twice when we were right near the top :/ It's because everyone was standing there it had gotten icy. But as we went further down it was fluffy snow again so weren't too bad. The rest of the flat had sledged down so they beat us to the bottom.

It was snowy all night and I woke up to no uni, and this picture outside my window this morning. Much more thick snow. 

Spoke to my Mummy and Daddy this morning and don't think I'm going to go home this weekend. I really wanna go to work 'cos I love it and I need moneys but the way it is at the moment, don't think it's gonna be possible. Even if I can make it back to London, I don't think I could make it back to Brighton :/
My Dad's not even at work! && that's something

So snowy weekend in Brighton it looks like
Going to have to brave the snow at some point to get the Secret Santa present for my housemate
and Flat 4E Christmas Dinner and Flat 4E got talent on Sunday
so not all bad

How's the snow affecting you??


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  2. This is so cute
    The photos are awesome, it looks like you had so much fun in the snow!

  3. I'd do alot to have snow like that. Living by the coast can suck at times.