12 Dec 2010

Jus' for something to do-Day 1

I've taken a thing from David's Tumblr to blog a different thing about myself each day (though may be every other day, depends on what I'm doing)
I don't really like tumblr so I'm doing it on here instead. I've decided I'll also feature a song or two on how the piece of info represents me :)
Day 1 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
So I am single. Have been so most of my adult life. It does have its benefits. You only have to rely on yourself etc. Kind of not the right way to put it but I can't think of any others. You can have some fun being single, not tied down or anything, no jealousy involved. I think I go through stages of liking single life and wanting a boyfriend. My flatmates always talk about wanting a boyfriend etc so I think it's more on my mind at the moment. Also sucks when all your friends have boyfriends and you don't. I think we're lucky in our flat that only one does. It is nice I guess to have someone there, jus' to do nothing with at times, listen to you, raise your self esteem etc etc etc. I think maybe I'm not too bothered because I am only 19 and am still relying on the fact that one day I will find a husband. The day I don't think that, I may as well kill myself 'cos I can't bare the thought of dying alone. But I think films, television and books have romanticised everything too much. Things that feature in those mediums don't happen in real life and they raise your expectations and inevitably make you feel like shit. So I think having low expectations is better.   


  1. I did one of these http://thewafflefactory.tumblr.com/tagged/30day
    never quite finished it though. I think I might have to do a different one for Blogger though. Seeing as I don't like tumblr any more.

  2. Ah how comes u don't?
    For me I could jus' never get the hang of it and thought blogger was jus' so much better