30 Dec 2010

I've been waiting

Months for this to go in the sale
but it hasn't :(

I dunno what to do

though tbh I don't think it's worth £34.99

maybe I should leave it

or there's this but again too much at £39.99

Why do I have to like stuff not in the sale?
Well I'll tell you why
It's 'cos the sales are rubbish this year

No I've decided I'm not buying that top
There are better ones
though this white one is calling out to me
but too much :(

or this

£22 Asos

simple but kinda nice
I'm liking those kinda sleeves if you haven't noticed a pattern

or this is only £17


1 comment:

  1. Well, as you know, I have the first one
    And honestly I think it's worth it because it's actually really good quality and you can wear it over and over again with anything
    Think of it as an investment piece, see if Naz can help with the discount
    I think you deserve a treat so go for it
    You could get this, something you really like and have wanted for a while, instead of like the 10 things that you were kind of just "meh" about in the sales - because sales are really crap this year