1 Dec 2010


Last night was 30 seconds to mars second gig at the Brighton Centre. After the caffaffel on thursday I didn't get a chance to get a poster, which outside, were only £3. So I thought why not wonder down there when the gig finishes.

So when I'm a Celeb finished, I chucked the flatmates out of my room, borrowed Becca's bus pass and headed off.

This was a new experience for me. Walking alone in Brighton Jus' 'Cos on a week day evening.
I have to say, it was almost as dead as the Heath. I know! I was shocked too! I walked to London Road, a main road which is through the park for me and 3 mins away (I timed it) got some money out and waited for the bus.

Whilst waiting I scanned the street to see if any shops were open. This is a main road with many shops including 4 fast food joints. Not a soul in them. KFC and MaccyDs were even shut!

I heard some laughing and turned my head left and even saw a big group of Asian guys standing on the street corner lol. It really is the Heath!

Finally got on the bus into town. This was also different as I'd never been on the bus this late on my own. It was jus' like it was in the day. Not scary like it is at home lol.

Once I got into town I saw the full on prettiness of the Christmas Lights. I had seen them on Saturday but it was busy and I was preoccupied trying not to freeze to death. I really appreciated their magicalness in the deserted town, bringing some happiness in the depressing cold.

I'm going to have to take some pictures of the Christmas Lights before I go back home next week.

Anyway, I wondered down to the front, saw the dodgy guys outside and picked up a tee for £10 and a poster for £3. I kinda wanted the tiger tee and sunset poster from inside but they didn't have that outside so instead I got Kings and Queens back drop tee with a tiger poster. So switheroo thing which kinda works eh?

(on my bathroom door, this way I can see it from my bed :) )

If I had bought them on the night inside it would have cost me £30. Funnily enough that isn't too bad for gig merchandise but still expensive. I do really wanna support the band n'all but I'm a student sorry. You're lucky I got the tee. First piece of clothing I've bought here that wasn't for fancy dress.

As I struggled with my poster in my bag I couldn't be bothered to put my gloves back on.
Oh my God was that a mistake. I swear within 10 seconds my hands started to literally freeze, I couldn't move my fingers. As soon as I was on the bus I put the gloves back on.

I was all done within an hour. Back in time to see it start to snow.

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