7 Dec 2010

Early Christmas

Officially term ends this friday but my lessons finish wednesday and that's when I'm going home. Some lessons have even already finished. So with everyone finishing at different times, we settled one a day that everyone could do and that everyone would be here for and that was Sunday 5th December.

So the 5th December became
Flat 4E's Christmas Dinner

We'd been preparing it for ages. A few weeks ago we picked out the Secret Santa present people, which remained secret all of five minutes. I had Hannah, Jo had me. We prepared a list too and budgeted what we needed to buy and how much it would cost. So on the Saturday, Hannah, Jo and I trekked to Sainsbury's in the pouring rain for our food for Sunday's meal. We managed to get well within budget, hurray! So could buy a few extras like Bailey's cream, mmm.

We also decided to do some talent showcasing on the Sunday as well; however we only remembered this a few days before. Tessa and I had promised everyone a song so we had to get cracking on that. As the day got closer and we were feeling the pressure we encouraged everyone else to do something as well. So Jo and Hannah came up with a Limerick and Ari and Sarah drew Super Hero Charactatures of us. Lou was let off as she had left and Charlotte as she was new.

So Sunday came and it was all very exciting. I was supposed to help cook, but to be honest there wasn't That much that needed to be done by three or four people as most of the stuff jus' needed to be shoved in the oven. The difficult stuff was roast potatoes, the roast chicken and the yorkshire pudding. I peeled the potatoes. I wasn't needed after that and Hannah and Jo took care of the rest.

So whilst we were waiting for dinner to cook we drank some mulled wine, the table was laid,

(Tessa and Lou made personalised name tags for us with messages inside :))

our superhero charactatures were drawn,

(this is me)

we played a game of charades and then it was time to open presents and cards.

Everyone liked their presents. I got an S Keyring from Jo :) && a very cool card.

I bought Hannah a Bailey's gift set as she loves it and a nail polish she wanted. 

So then it was dinner time and cracker pulling time!

(I took the pic too early, there was also honey roast parsnips and carrots)

Dinner was yum, I had a lil seconds. I was the only one too lol. I don't tend to eat a lot during the day 
so when it comes to dinner I can really go all out if ness lol If ya get what I mean. Basically my shoddy excuse of me being an O'Brien. If there's anything we can do it's eat.

So with  full tummies it was then time for the entertainment.

Videos of these can be found on facebook if you have me on there. 

Limerick about everyone in the flat :) Was very funny. 

We did a lil acoustic version of "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" by Wizzard
and we changed the 2nd half of the song
to include lil things about everyone in the flat :)

Then it was desert time! My fave and Christmas tradition of Sainsbury's finest Chocolate Yule log! I have it every year with Brandy Butter mmmm. For our meal we had some whipped cream, yum, and the Bailey's Cream, double yum and some White! French Fancies-Ultra Yum!

I had seconds of this too haha. Well...I will never pass on desert if its being offered. Again O'Brien gene. But I did really struggle. I had to finish it though as it was what Hannah couldn't eat, which was the end, which is the best bit! The chocolatey fudge bit around the end! I left the cake bit and jus' had that :p

After that I felt like I was about to die though and we had to walk to the Grande Parade building for the Panto put on by the Drama Society. We really shouldn't have bothered. I could of happily laid in bed regretting having seconds for 2 hours with a few episodes of The Wire or a film. Shockingly bad but oh well won't make that mistake again. 

So that was our Christmas. Was rather fun and I enjoyed. Who's to say if next year will be just as good or if there will even be one?? 

On that mysterious note
I shall leave you :)

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  1. Aww thats such a cool idea
    It looks like you had so much fun!!
    The superhero thing is so cooll