10 Dec 2010

Driving Home for Christmas

Wednesday I departed Brighton to come home for the Christmas holidays. I had also chosen Wednesday as there was an Arsenal match in the evening. I can't usually make wednesday's 'cos of uni, but seeing as I had no more lessons I could. Unfortunetly a bad cough, dizzy head and Nausea prevented this. Although it was still a good time to go home as when you're ill that's where you wanna be. So now not in a rush we tried to assemble everything I needed and head back to London. Took 3 hours :/. This was because my Dad had to do everything as I was laying on my bed unable to get up 'cos everytime I did it felt like I was gonna fall over and the room was spinning. So coming home in rush hour took extra long.

Driving back through Kent and Surrey was interesting as there was still a load of snow around. Like loads.

Anyways enough of the dribble drabble of the journey etc.

Skip to yesturday where I had a nice long lay in and then had some home cooked Shephard's Pie, yum and then off to see The Graham Norton Show.

What's really annoying about this is that I always apply for tickets to TV shows for everything. Literally. And I never get them. The only ones I have got were in Uxbridge and Pinewood Studios which is jus' too far from the east side.

Anyways we were a little bit late which resulted in us being right at the back on the right, not infront of the sofa, but I didn't mind, weren't exactly dying to be on TV. It was really good though 'cos this meant we didn't have to que for ages outside in the cold and jus' walked straight in.

(funny I found this on google, pretty much where I sat but a bit more towards the left)

Going to see Live TV shows is a good experience for everyone but I find it extra enthralling. I do Media Studies but I'm still not sure what route I'll take when I graduade. I do like the idea of being a journalist as I love to write but also would quite like to work in TV. Going to a TV studio makes me visualise that this could be my place of work in a few years to come. I'm fascinated but how small it looks compared to on TV. They use a special type of lense on the cameras to do this which I learnt on the NBC studios tour but I can't remember what it's called. I also can never get over all the lights. Jus' everywhere! Not even being used lol. I think I'd quite like to be a camerawoman, it looks fun and the people I've spoken to at Arsenal that I catch in the lift or jus' hanging around love it. I also noticed there was a lack of women working on the cameras yesturday, being that, there weren't any and there was only one the last time I saw a live recording at the BBC. During the show, I also kept thinking about the director cutting to the shots that I was seeing on the screen infront of me and thinking how stressful it is and how precise they have to be.

However back to the show. They had Barry Manilow, Katherine Jenkins, Sean Lock and Anne Widicom. I went a bit crazy when I heard Sean Lock was on 'cos I really like him, I think he is awesome and jus' hilARious. Also in my idealistic mind I thought I saw him looking at me up, well way up, in the audience. I know he wasn't but I can dream that he's read my blog and is now going to offer me an internship on channel 4 working on 8 out of 10 cats.

The show was good, was funny. Wasn't recording for very long either. What you see is what you get on the aired programme really. So check it tonight at 10:35 pm BBC One. I had a good time and want to go to many more. I'll jus' have to rely on my mum telling her friends to book tickets from now on lol.

Btw sorry for any spelling and grammer mistakes in this post, on the ol' lappy as haven't unpacked Mac yet.

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  1. Aww this sounds like so much fun
    Im glad you had a good time!
    I love Graham Norton
    Every time I think of live tv shows I think of the BGT man LOL