30 Dec 2010

Day 8 - A Moment You Felt The Most Satisfied With Your Life.

I guess there's good times and bad times in life. The only time I specifically remember being satisfied was April 2007 when we had to do work experience in year 10. I remember this 'cos I was sitting on my bed, about halfway through the 2 weeks of working at KPMG and thinking "I'm actually quite contented." I think it was for the reasoning that I was happy with my friends, I hadn't been to school for over three weeks, I had done my year 10 exams already and no man drama. Looking back on this now though. I mean it was ok but not great. I guess the good thing from this though is that I wanted nothing to change, I was happy there and then. So as this post asks for satisfied this is all I can give as this is the only memory I can recall. However there have been many times in my life where I've been really happy. I can list more happy times than satisfied, I guess they're jus' shorter bursts. Although like I've said before, Life is Like a Tub of Pringles, you always want more.

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