28 Dec 2010

Day 6 - Write 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself.

I'm gonna try and include random stuff that I haven't mentioned on my blog before so it's all new info

1. My birthday is the same date as the year I was born 1/9/91, 1991.
2. I have never done my own washing.
3. I hate coffee.
4. I like palm reading and would like my palm to be read.
5. I still call my parents Mummy and Daddy.
6. I'm not obsessed with RPatz anymore but would still like him to call me if he gets into my Dad's cab.
7. I have an iPhone that doesn't work as a phone.
8. I am right. Always.
9. I'm stubborn.
10. I hate Facebook.
11. I really like Twitter.
12. I really liked myspace and wish it never died.
13. I'm the best girl I know at Guitar Hero.
14. I'm slightly obsessed with the geography of where I live and will one day reinvent Redbridge as a borough.
15. I'm proud to be British.
16. I'm as cynical as a middle aged man.
17. I want a ginger cat.
18. I can't wear heels.
19. I'm a coke (coke zero and pepsi max) addict.
20. I could live without crisps.
21. I can get into nearly every sport apart from darts, snooker and boxing.
22. My phone is indestructible.
23. I wear pyjamas all the time.
24. I'm messy at home but tidy at uni.
25. I've never eaten cereal with sugar.
26. I'm a terrible liar.
27. I'm quite lazy nowadays.
28. I'm chronically impatient.
29. I'm scared of death and cry at the thought of it.
30. I like more 80s music than my parents. (Like earlier I was singing to this song and oh I really like this who's it by again and my mum didn't even know!:)

Eskimo Joe - Sarah from Bart Borghesi on Vimeo.


  1. Great post!
    You did forget to mention that you're the best and loved unconditionally by me :D

  2. Wow, my bday is 9/1/92! So close with the numbers :P
    Also, how do you embed youtube videos?

  3. wow yeah that is

    when you go on youtube and get the code to embed
    you put it in the edit html bit when you write your post
    not compose :)