23 Dec 2010

Day 4 - Your Views On Religion

Hmm this one is an interesting one. My mum is Protestant, my Dad is Catholic. Well rather a lapsed Catholic, I'm pretty sure he's an atheist now. My Dad's family being strong Irish Catholics led to my parents getting married in a Catholic church. My Dad however wasn't into the whole Catholic thing and he didn't want me to have the same upbringing. Even though things are Much different nowadays than they were for him in Catholic school he still didn't want it. So I am one of three in the O'Brien family to not be baptised and still have the stain of sin upon me. As you can see then my immediate family are not very religious, don't go to church on sundays, not Christmas or Easter.

I'm Agnostic.
I'd like to think there is something out there but I jus' don't know that there is. I'm not sure I can wrap my head around the concept. I can see why people have faith, it's something to cling to in bad times. The thought though that when you die that its just that your brain shuts down, your cells die, the end is jus' a tad scary. I'd really like to think that there's something else. My Dad and I were joking once that if I was on my death bed I'd have every religious figure around me. It's true I would, I would have the priest, vicar, rabbi everything.

I hate organised religion though. I hate the wars fought over it. I hate they're trying to prove other religions wrong and say that they're right. If you have faith and if you believe, practise in your own way, go your own way about it, I don't think there is a right or wrong. Someone has an idea about it and let them live by that. If you've ever seen Dogma the film you'll know what I mean by the idea.

watch from 4 mins, jus' what Chris Rock says

I don't know why but I love religious films and books like the Da Vinci Code and Dogma and stuff
It's weird but yeah

This post has had no direction
It's 'cos I keep leaving and coming back to it

In short
I'd like to believe, I'm open to ideas but might need some conclusive evidence
Cue song

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  1. Weird didnt think you were agnostic, just thought you were athiest.
    Fair Diggs on the post. Agreed with everything you said...