14 Dec 2010

Day 2 - Where You’d Like To Be In 10 years

So in 10 years time I will be 29. That is pretty scary. I'll be a fully fledged adult, about to hit my mid life crisis at 30.

I really would like to be in a job that I love doing 'cos as the phrase goes "Find a job you enjoy and you won't have to work a day in your life". Ideally this will be in the media. Not quite sure whereabouts yet but maybe in television or newspapers. Would quite like to be living abroad or jus' returned back to England from living abroad. Wouldn't mind maybe have found the husband. Not necessarily being married at 29 but at least maybe with the guy that I'm going to marry. Children would be nice but I don't wanna jinx that or anything. I wouldn't mind them a bit later. I'm due twins 'cos it skips a generation. I need to have a stable well paying job first.

I would of liked to of seen more of the world as well. I really would love to go traveling.

In short, in 10 years time,  I want an enjoyable career, that is well paid, with family life on the way and a nice place to live in a nice area.

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