15 Dec 2010

Christmas Exchange

Having very Christmassy Weekends. It really gets me in the mood but then Christmas isn't for another 2 weeks which is frustrating.

So this weekend was the annual Christmas exchange. Happens every year in early December where we eat Christmas dinner and exchange presents between a group of family friends who call themselves "The Gang". Yes I know, original much? But they're adults, they lack imagination. We don't see them often, only a couple of times a year so it can be quite a nice get together. However can also be really boring. There is only one other young person there, my friend James. There used to be two others but they're all grown up now and have their own lives and being that me and James still live at home we still have to go. Gone are the days where we could sit and play for hours and even though I get on fine talking to adults (I think these sort of events matured me so that I could from a young age engage in adult conversation) it comes to a point where you're bored. Even my parents find it boring after a while.

All in all however it was a good day and I hear you asking "Why are you writing about a boring event?", well here's why. The main crux of why it was a good day were the cracker presents. We pulled the crackers before we ate and got the same sort of prizes you usually get. These crackers however did have yo-yos. My Dad got one and was seeing if he could still yo-yo which he couldn't and I wanted a go so I took it off him and attempted to yo-yo but it wasn't really happening. James then started off with his yo-yo, the childish rivalry we used to have sparking up again in determination to do better than me.
Like here:

And that was it. The whole afternoon and evening we played with yo-yos. We stopped for about half an hour for food and then started up again. We actually got so good within the day that we were able to have a conversation without breaking the yo-yoing. We even received a little Christmas party bag containing mature presents such as wine and posh chocolates, which we looked at and oohed and ahhed at for about 2 mins and then went back to the yo-yoing lol with James responding "That didn't keep us distracted for very long did it?" Not your typical 19 and 21 year old.

What I'm trying to say in this post is that I find it remarkable how a simple thing can be so entertaining? How can an old toy from the 1920s keep us amused even today? Children might want all these big toys and gadgets and such but they don't need them. I remember when my cousin and her 18th month son came to stay a few years ago, he had all these toys, but what he really wanted to play with were the pots and pans.

I said as much to my parents but they didn't really care so I thought I'd post this to see if you find it fascinating also.

So that yo-yo really entertained me and I wanna try and find my old one that lit up. It made my day on Sunday and I even brought it back with me :)

heres some past time pictures

and this 'cos it was from ^^that party
and I'd forgotten about it
& there's a few more on here
and I like it :)

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  1. Aww this is so cute!
    Its true though, time tested simple things are usually the best. I think its way more fun for children if you give them something pretty boring and they have to make it exciting themselves, forcing them to use their imaginations and what not.
    On another note, gorgeous pictures!