7 Dec 2010

Apple Forum

is sooo awesome
I don't know what I would of done without it.

I jus' did a really stupid thing of not really paying attention. Instead of putting my SD card in the SD card slot, I put it in the CD rom part. Funnily enough not even the first time I've done this. It is the first time however that it was wedged right in there, trying everything to get it out.

So I was a bit panicky and thought calm down let's go on the forum and see what it says.

Everyone had done the same thing. Made me feel less stupid. It really is a design fault to have the SD slot and CD rom bit right next to each other on a part of the Mac not really visible.

Anyway I was reviewing the methods none of which I was able to do as I didn't have a paper clip, cereal box or ruler.

I went into the kitchen and had a little look as well as there usually is some stationary in there but no.

Luckily though I thought I could hear Sarah awake and she usually is as she is also nocturnal.

So I text her and got a ruler :D!

I hope we didn't wake anyone up, I was whispering and I did knock really quietly.

So I tipped the Mac and had a lil rummage and after a few tries it came out!!
I was over the moon relieved!!

And I put a DVD in it to check it still works and it does!

Thank You people like me on the Apple Forum

I posted a reply to let them all know I did it too and it worked
If you have an Apple ID
You create your account with that by jus' creating a username, putting your location and Mac model in

So, I hope you're not as stupid as me
but that's where to go if anything goes wrong

I think the moral of this is
I should jus' go to bed

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