23 Nov 2010


'cos heck why not?

I woke up late again.
I think because Lou doesn't come with me anymore 'cos she left I don't have anyone to rush for.
I was definitely taking the bus today as I was running late and had equipment to pick up at uni so figured I'd get a day ticket.
Started off as a good day. The bus driver let me on for free 'cos I had a fiver and he had no change :)
This really didn't make that much difference as I paid for a day ticket later but it was a nice thing to do.
At uni went to get the lift up as always 'cos there's jus' too many stairs. Took ages to come. Then people kept rushing in the lift 'cos the doors were open for ages once I was in it. I say people but there were only 3 more admittedly. This lift is tiny and 5 people was a bit snug. Was funny though as we were standing there in the awkward lift atmosphere, 2 middle aged women, one woman who was probably a mature student, a tall student guy and me. Who had Bowling for Soup blaring 1985 haha. I thought it was funny.
Was a couple minutes late to the lecture, so snuck in the side. Though after getting my stuff out she said "So let's get on with the lecture" So I can't have missed that much.

Afterwards had a group presentation meeting and then picked up filming equipment. It felt really nice to have a camera and tripod again :) The cases for them are so much nicer than at school. The camera case is like a lil' suitcase.

Whilst at home in my couple of hours gap until my seminar I decided to go over my peeling nail varnish. Bad idea. Too thick so didn't dry right and went weird and bumpy. Had a nap. Woke up to find it had gotten worse with the imprint of my fleece now on my nails. Peeled it off with my thumb and attempted again quickly as I had to leave soon. Shockingly bad. I jus' had to keep my hands in my cardigan.

On the trip home I took the bus. Not something I really like doing here. And got a weirdo sitting next to me. Then I started to think "Argh why always me?" and after a couple of stops when there were some free seats he moved. This made me slightly concerned but thought "Hey I like sitting on my own, allow it". Another woman, ordinary, comes on afterwards and sits next to me. Two stops later she moves to two empty seats. Now I'm worried. Am I the weird one? All I was doing was playing a bubble game on my iPod. I shower and everything.

Later when I'd come back I took the nail varnish off. Whilst doing this managed to spill nail varnish remover over my desk, chair, floor and my lap. My jeans basically bore the brunt of it. I quickly rang my mum to see what I should do. I didn't know if the nail varnish remover would strip the colour on my new acclaimed favourite jeans (not new jeans, jus' my new faves). My mum told me to soak them in water. I have no bath tub, or sink. They ended up in the coolbox underneath my shower, with me giving it random squirts from the shower, trying not to soak myself but get enough in the cool box. My jeans are still currently soaked residing in my cool box under the shower. I'm not sure what to do next.

I'm filming tonight though :)
Interview of my flat mate as she does fashion and tis what my documentary is on. Maybe some vox pops from flat mates and some cutaways. Then on location tomorrow :)


  1. Aww
    Your days are so cute!
    That people moving away thing happens to me on the train too, I put it down to the fact that other people like their own space as well.
    Soorryy to hear about your jeans!
    That's happened to me too, far too many times!
    Thanks for the tip though :P Never knew that one before

  2. very interesting your day ah I think what happened a thousand times poured enamel never learn .. I'm from chile and life chances of coming to your blog. hopefully go through mine I'm new to this I like to experiment you could say .. I live north of the world and visit hopefully you remember .. Greetings fernanda

  3. Yeah i move away from people (but do i count cause i ahve issues) and people usually sit anywhere but near me :) Bt hey i love reading bout your day. Its fun nd yeah i love the feel of lugging around a camera and tripod....Good Times :)
    You didnt have much person interaction today then