11 Nov 2010

Sorry you might not wanna read this

I know I promised you some nice long anecdotes and opinions
and I got 3 lined up
2 are anecdotes, one funny, one jus' about me
the 3rd however is politics
and in this order is the last thing that occurred
but also the freshest on my mind
and I use this blog to vent
so here's venting...

Right so today in the kitchen we had a stereotypical university conversation
which was sort of a debate
about many things
but it started on politics

now this debating was very cool, it's good that we can discuss things
I am going to rant a lil

Those of you who read my blog a while ago know I voted for the Tories in May
now already I can hear "What?!" "OMG" "I bet you regret that"
I actually don't
here's why

I'm gonna do a lil CV thing here and talk about my qualities
I'm well educated and I watch the news
Therefore I was not stupid in my decision to vote for the Tories and was not influenced by their "marketing campaign" described pretty much as propaganda

I chose this of my own free will
as is my right
It is also my right not to tell you who I voted for
which I am now going to enforce

Although my Dad says you should stand up for what you believe in, which is true of course
but it's difficult when you can't put your case across

Now I'm not a very loud person, and I am pretty shy and not the best at standing up for myself
so when the attention of the room turned to me when they found out I had voted for David Cameron it was like being fed to the wolves
It was like one of those open your mouth moments to talk but someone speaks first
several times
and when I did get the opportunity to talk I didn't do very well
I get nervous, even with friends (this will be discussed in full later)
what I managed to put across though floundering around was
The crux of why I voted for them is 'cos I agreed with most of their policies compared to labour
yes I'm a student, but student loans is still only one policy out of many
the old theory of divide between the rich and the poor is what I jus' said
people still stuck in ideologies from the past which the parties sparingly follow as it is
(labour MPs sending their kids to private schools)
David Cameron might be a twat but whoever we put in power we would of said so anyway
no politicians are normal people ok
they never will be
deal with it

also can't you jus' give them a chance?

part of the reason is also because my parents voted for them too
I'm sure they won't care about me putting it on my blog 'cos I don't think that anyone knows them particularly personally that reads this will care
but yeah

now I'm actually really lucky with who my parents are
we might not get along all the time but parents are there to bring you up and heck they brought me up right and great
they never forced any religious or political views on me
they brought me up to be a free thinker
I actually have debates and talk to my parents about general topics
they find what I learn in uni really interesting and we discuss it

they didn't force conservative views on me
they jus' talked about stuff
and what they talked about I agreed with
this whole ideology that the middle class vote for Tories is bull
My parents, working class, Tory
My grandparents, Tory and you really can't get more working class than that
My nan worked on the switch board

I guess what I am trying to say in all of this
is please don't jump down my throat when I share an opinion of mine
I didn't tell me so you could bombarde me with how I was wrong
I wouldn't do it to you
I really wouldn't, I don't think I have outright slated someone for a belief or an opinion (apart from American comedy better than old British comedy, 'cos it's not Jen :p but new American writers have learnt from the British and I can appreciate it)
but yeah I apologise if I've ever made anyone feel small in anyway
and tell me and I will directly apologise

It really bugs me
I'm sorry 
but having a certain political view doesn't shape you as a person
as this rant could be a bout any number of things
I bet twenty years ago this rant could of been a story about a friend coming out as gay
telling a group of people
and them being like "No?! How can you be friends with them?"

My flatmates weren't that vigorous with me
but it's happened to me before

It would be easier for me to jus' say I don't vote
but I think it's fundamentally important to vote
so I wouldn't be standing up for what I believe in

I jus' needed to post this
maybe someone will read this and think twice next time about saying no
and maybe
jus' maybe
you'll think
Maybe they have some good points :) 


  1. 'It was like one of those open your mouth moments to talk but someone speaks first several times and when I did get the opportunity to talk I didn't do very well'

    exactly the same as me!

    i respect your right to have your own decision, and luckily we live in a country that allows everyone to vote for who they want even though i don't like David Cameron at all.
    but yeah politicians are all the same, we need someone from a NORMAL background not someone bought up in a posh school etc.

    Though the fact David Cameron now has a personal photographer and his wife has a personal stylist going round with them who are both being payed large amounts by the tax payer annoys the hell out of me.

  2. yeah I heard about that
    I don't agree with that
    it actually surprises me he did 'cos he didn't the whole expenses thing
    but only cos he has a shit load of money
    i think he can get away with it cos its on like a 6 month contract thing or something
    but yeah thats stupid

  3. I know that feeling all too well
    But you know, well done for you for not shying away and trying to explain your opinion and reasonings. If people are going to be so narrow minded as not even to listen, then they don't deserve the opportunity to and it certainly doesn't give them the right to scrutinize you because you went out and did something were you felt something had to be done.

    PS. Next time, just vote GREEN :D

  4. lol I did vote green locally :)

    but they didn't win :(

    but I'm Brighton where it is green!