12 Nov 2010


is used quite a lot in conversation
I quite like it too 'cos its colloquial, like accents and shows you were people are from

I got laughed at today
when they were was an offer on at Tesco for pizza
and my flat mate said
"Oh that's good"

and I replied with
"Yeah but that's Tesco's init"

to which they repeated and laughed lol

I didn't even think init was even that slangy lol
is that bad??

but when I was in Tesco last week with my dad
(is this an ad for Tesco or what?)
and we walked past these 4 guys talking to their friend working at tesco
bout them going out
and I heard "bruv"
I jus' knew I was home
I said to my dad
"I actually miss slang"

may take this piss out of it at times
but its a way of expressing yourself differently :)

So all I'm saying is
Jus' nyam
(still sounds weird to say that ya know, jam jus' rolls off the tongue)


  1. ahaha sameee, we were actually teaching a girl in mala's group 'allow it' like what it means and stuff, i was so shocked that they'd never heard of it!

  2. Lol
    I get laughed at all the time for using slang
    It doesn't even seem that much of a big deal, because to me I don't really talk that gangstah-rific, but then there are people who don't even say "innit" oO
    Home misses you

  3. Haha, your slang confuses me. Probably because I'm American. =)