11 Nov 2010


is annoying
because of it I'm going to fail the participation bit of my seminars
I jus' don't do well at speaking in front of people
especially a lot of people
took a while for me to come round to it in school
this is taking even longer

to be fair at least I'm not the only one that doesn't speak
In my creative industries class there's the same 10 people out of 50 I'd say that talk every week
and 5 new people that talk every week

and every lesson I'm thinking
ok I'm going to talk this time
and this week on a particular question
I thought
"ok I've definitely got an answer to this"
and it sent my pulse racing
in class I was sitting there like I'd gone on a workout
my heart was beating so fast
my mouth was dry
and all that had happened was that in my head I had decided to talk
this whole lil massive situation is going on in this small lil part of my body
in my lil chair in the lecture hall
whilst everyone is debating and sharing their opinions

it happens every time
I've actually managed to say a few words in my core module seminar
but it wasn't much
and there's a lot less people in that class 'cos we're divided up
but even when I talk in there
I have a lil heart attack for a few mins after
and it takes a while for my pulse to get back to normal speed

it's the same with me talking to bosses
I guess jus' authority figures

although saying that is not quite true
I couldn't even really do a presentation in my music class
and that was only 6 of us :/

I'm quite a shy person as well
but I have got a lot better and a lot more confident at speaking to people over the years
I think it's my friends
they make me confident :)
but also coming to uni helped
everyone was in the same boat so it didn't feel too scary


  1. You always have the best things to say, speak up
    The worst that can happen is, erm, nothing!
    Just do it
    You'll be fine

  2. Funnily enough i didnt know you were shy, i mean we always did presentations in media. Okay not always but definatly that one time and you seemed fine. Actually ths int funny

  3. Now after just glancing at Raji's comment i realise i never say anything enouraging as a friend. Major lols perhaps i'll blog about that.

  4. haha lol
    don't u remember me like rushhhing through them on my own
    im ok with u
    its diff when you're with people
    spec when you're laughing at your own jokes
    and no one watching gets it
    always good lol

    and you do
    remember the comment the other day
    and I quote
    "GET IN THERE! Lol there's my supportive motivation as your close and personal friend:p" lool