22 Nov 2010


back to my monday of blogging
it's been a while
but its back
for at least this week anyway

So I woke up this morning a tad later than I shoulda
Couldn't be bothered to really pick out a spectacular outfit so jus' wore my drummers make better lovers tee with dark jeans, black hoodie and army green CK jacket.
Ate a cereal bar; even though I'm not keen on breakfast I thought it might keep me awake in the lecture.
Straightened my hair as per usual though didn't see the point as I knew it wouldn't stay that way with me walking. Yes walking there. It's like walking from the Heath to Seven Kings, so takes bout 20 mins. I did have a big debate this morning that I should take the bus but decided that, even thought it was already 8:35, taking the bus was really lazy of me so I walked.

As I was walking to uni I wasn't feeling too bad about my decision to walk. I was really enjoying listening to Breaking Benjamin and even though my hands were freezing they did start to warm up as the blood started pumping. This however was soon lost with a trip in the pavement. Not a proper stack on the floor but enough. Grr. This wasn't helped that at this point the clouds started to precipitate. Little droplets started falling. The annoying kind that you would look stupid with a hood or an umbrella but will still make your hair frizzy. This was followed by another Stack. Thank you feet. This time surrounded by students as when you get to the point where you can see the uni, you start to see everyone else walking as well. I was really regretting this walk as it was now 8:55 am, I'd embarrassed my self, got frizzy hair, started to get all hot and sweaty as I was now rushing and was probably not burning off the 121 cal cereal bar, let alone last nights dinner. I had also now realised this walk took 25 minutes. Those 5 minutes make a lot of difference. The only thing I could hope for was that my Prof, Tara, might possibly give me a self esteem boost as she hands out compliments like nobody's business (even if she is lying it still feels nice) and is quite frankly one of the nicest teachers I've ever had.

In the lift on the way up I managed to brush my hair (realised when I got home though that there really was no point, it was fucked) and put the iPod away. As I pulled open the doors to the corridor I could hear music coming from the end of it and knew I'd made it as our Prof plays a song and starts the lecture when it's finished. I was especially happy as I drew nearer the door to hear The Smiths, This Charming Man playing. Made a bit of awkward entrance though. You know when you hang out with people on a night out but have never actually spoken to them apart from that, and actually to be honest you didn't do a lot of talking then, jus' a lot of dancing. I'm not quite sure what to do. Especially when I look like Shit. I chose the option of pretending to not see them.

The Lecture today was on Fashion. Damn. I chose today to look like this as well. I usually look like this but I coulda made more of an effort ya know. So not the best topic though still interesting of course.
Between the lecture and seminar, Tara (Prof) took the register and started to tell people if they did well on their assignments. This majorly worried me as she didn't do that to me. However found out afterwards she'd sent an email saying who's she'd marked and my name wasn't on the list. Phew. Though everyones done really well, I'm really worried.

This is all that happened today really. Seminar finished at 11, waited for vid group and tried to get a camera out but couldn't so I'll have to do that tomorrow. Went home. On the walk home I stacked again in front of a bus full of people but really didn't care anymore. Recorded my last ever Vlog. Watched some Ugly Betty, The Wire then slept for 2 hours.

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  1. Awww!
    I'm sorry that you stacked, I put it down to having to get out of bed too early :(
    And also, isn't it weird how when you're running late every minute seems to mean a whole lot more, I appreciate time more when I'm late ... unfortunately it happens a lot!
    Your professor sounds really nice, I wish we had somebody like that.
    For what it's worth, Fashion is meant to be about being original, being true to yourself, experimenting, learning, using clothes as expression and you do this insanely well. You wear clothes that suit you, that define you. Not in a bad way, but like I can see something and be like "ah that's a Sarah top!" It's nice, you have your own style that's familiar to you and that makes you look good. You've never looked less than amazing to me, and it's mostly because you always look like you.

    The fact that there's a "last ever vlog" upsets me.
    I miss you