15 Nov 2010


comedy club in Brighton
really good there
only £6 ticker for students
really good comedy

Dan Evans wasn't funny
but some woman was heckling him
which got everyone on his side
she said he was sexist
and his jokes weren't even lol
weird woman

and when we saw the line up
we were like
oh ma god Jack Whitehall

and it was weird he wasn't last cos he's the best
but they did put him last in the end (Y)

actually managed to get a pic with him at the end
he had his arm around my shoulder
mine was round his waist :)
was alll good (Y)

pic from Jenny's cam >

my pic better :)

1 comment:

  1. ah and for £6 thats awesome, and yeah yours is better, its like he knew it was yours so decided to smile.