9 Nov 2010

Kick Ass

was definitely not what I expected
I'd heard great things about it
which is usually bad 'cos then you go into it with high hopes
but I was being more objective today
and started watching it as if it were going to be a decent film

which is was
I can't say much better than that though
the story line was fairly good
though the Super-hero ness wasn't really super enough for me

for the first 20 mins of the film I don't think they established the other characters very well
you jus' kept questioning how they linked together
and what the hell was happening with the father and daughter

I did like the main character though
I thought he was cool
I liked it before he got to be Kick Ass
but I jus' couldn't get over the little girl
the language?!
she said words I don't even say
and the fact she was jus' killing people
what sort of father trains his daughter like that


  1. i thought i was the only one who hadn't seen it lol

  2. LOL
    The little girl is funny
    I get what you mean, I liked him before he was kick ass too