2 Nov 2010

I'm a jeans a tshirt kinda girl

but it doesn't get more plainer than this

I really should make more of an effort
considering I only have to be in 8 hours a week
but I have to be in so early and I'm jus' not awake enough to make a good decision about that to wear in the morning
and also
'cos I'm only in 8 hours
I can save my nicer clothes for the other days when I go out and about
and the people at uni can jus' think I dress like a tramp lol

I did try to improve it with my leather

I'm jus' not that into fashion
I can appreciate it on other people
I jus' don't dress myself all that good
quite funny that my uni video on fashion eh?

1 comment:

  1. i no what you mean! lol :O

    some people in my college just look so good, i mean i think what time must you get up! lool i just cant think about what to wear hardly in the morns nemore :(..just no time ..have to throw on what i think looks alrite and hope i dont look like a plonker XD XD xx