29 Nov 2010

Hungry day

Looks like I'm gonna have to buy some food

I think I did pretty well in my "let's not buy food for a week" mission
technically haven't been Proper food shopping since 13th Nov

I did however go wednesday but that was to buy sweets and shizz for the cinema
and obv been buying drinks and Yogurts but they're ness

I was hoping to get away with it a bit longer
but kinda had enough of pasta and rice
was thinking of maybe jus' buying cornflakes
'cos I can jus' live off them
(seriously I can, my dad said to me the day I moved in "Promise me you won't jus' eat cornflakes")
that was the original plan
consume less food
but it can get a bit boring
and if other people are eating you wanna eat
and cooking and dinner breaks up the day

so may have a lil stroll to Sainsbury's this afternoon
after new flatmate comes to check out the room

yep new person coming as Lou has left :(
Sad times
but Charlotte is also on my course lol
and she was the other person I spoke to before actually moving here
coincidence eh??

so yeah got that to do

sometime this evening
probs bout half 9
gonna walk down to the seafront
'cos 30 secs on again tonight
and yes, I still have my wristband on, but I'm not trying to sneak in
though I would lovvvve to go again

I'ma try and buy a poster outside
'cos they was cheaper and they looked good too and had more options
but now thinking bout it I kinda wanna tshirt :s
I dunno whether to get one
I didn't wanna buy clothes till after xmas
haven't actually bought clothes at all here except for dressing up for themed stuff
but this is bit different
and maybe 'cos I didn't buy food last week this could be my excuse to buy the tee lol??


  1. Thats what i live off, Yoghurt and my freezer shizz. Yeah i was gonna say, you didnt buy food this week so go get Tee. Orif yur still speculating call it and early xmas pres for your self :)
    (Yeah we do encourage each other to do stuff we shouldnt loool)

  2. I like this idea of food shopping :)
    Not least of all because you deserve some numnums to tuck into, but also food shopping excites me :)
    Defo agree with Jen, you should totally treat yourself with the tee, and it'd go awesome with your wristband while you still have it on :)