29 Nov 2010


I love them
Truly can't think of a more amazing experience
If I had the money I would go to many more of them

The adrenaline and high you get from them is probably what people get off using drugs
A lot of people drink at gigs and take drugs as well
But I really don't see the point
I get soo high off the vibe
Feeling like you're totally apart of something
Being in that room with those people sharing that unity and experience
Feeling the music pumping
The Bass Vibrating through your body
all you can think to do is jump
go crazy
get as close to the band as possible
Probably the one time it's allowed to be so close to strangers
Push random strangers as well
Be in complete and utter pain afterwards, ears ringing
but not caring at all 'cos you jus' had the time of your life

Of course not all the experiences are ace
I know people can get hurt
and lose stuff
I was choked up about my phone at first
but I think it's cos it was the ending to a whole line of things
and I'd only had it a week

and also my ears weren't ringing afterwards
technology is improving once again

but in the gig
when Jared Leto was calling people up to the stage
I thought
"If he picks me, I really wouldn't care about my phone"

but he didn't :(

but one day I will be one of those fans that gets called up
considering I usually manage to get fairly close to the front in nearly every gig
it's bound to happen one day

It really disappoints me when bands/artists
don't sound like they do on the CD and are crap live
people should not support them at all
don't buy their music
shows you that they aren't actually talented
I'm sorry but if you can't perform live you shouldn't produce music
I stop liking the band after that

but here are a list of bands you should see
for an amazing experience
those with an R next to them mean Really amazing :) :

30 Seconds to Mars-R
Coheed and Cambria
Funeral For a Friend - R
Green Day - R

of course it could jus' be that 'cos they were my fave bands
the R is totally subjective
and it was jus' extra special for me
but oh well :)


  1. Totally agree
    Nothing compares to that euphoric feeling of seeing somebody do what they do best live

  2. completely agree, when i went to see youmeatsix a couple years back, i hadn't eaten all day and was drained but had a burst of energy and adrenaline as soon as the band started playing.
    Also, in reply, fave bands live (with R):
    30stm R
    Los Campesinos R
    The Blackout R (i'm not as into them as i used to be but they are amazing live)
    Chiddy Bang
    Mcr (even though everybody hates them :/)
    Pro Green

    thats all i can think atm.

  3. how could i forget The Killers?!