17 Nov 2010

Found my future husband

but I jus' wasn't in there quick enough
I didn't realise till too late we were supposed to be together
now he's surrounded by girls on the other side of the room

I guess there's still time
I mean it's only semester one of the first year
but its almost over
and what if we're never in the same modules again
17% of married couple meet at uni
and tbh we'd have to at least be friends in the first year for it to all fall to plan
take Prince William and his new fiance
friends for the first year
started going out 2nd year
and now they're engaged!

he is quite hubby material
like a mature person you could see yourself with in the future
and we have the same ideals and opinions
everything he says I agree with
you may think this would make for a simple boring relationship
but it wouldn't
it would prevent us from arguments starting with "how can you say that?"
and ending in "I can't believe you!"
we'd jus' argue about the other one being jealous or something

I've thought about this way too much
(I come across quite stalkerish in this post I've realised :S)

and I'm sure we won't agree on everything else
though I'm sure he has some pretty good tastes in music, film and tv

so jus' thought I'd post this
so when I'm 40 and single and crying
I can see where I went wrong and hate myself more

I'm still trying though
like whenever he says something I agree with I try to catch his eye and smile or nod
or something that lets him know I'm thinking the exact same thing
laugh with him when things are funny in class
like the lecturer being silly
or the atmosphere being awkward

If only I could speak up in the seminars and agree with him/back up his point
he might take notice and remember my name

3 weeks left

(if he turned out to be gay I wouldn't be surprised tbh knowing my luck but I don't think he is (YN))


  1. Dude im mega jelous in all American tv shows peeps meet each other in uni. Sad times thatvhere is so crap. Lucky that youve found a possibility, tahts mor than vthe rest of us. RATE HIM using our guyometer system :)

  2. ah good idea Jen

    and thanks GGFB :)

  3. He will be yours
    Nobody can resist your charms