25 Nov 2010

Finally managed to get the pics from my cam to the mac


thanks to this website

Now I can talk to you about work on Saturday
I was shockingly late :S
It was an early kick off so I had to be there at half 9. I got there at 10:15. Woops. It's 'cos I had to pack my suitcase so I should of gotten up earlier. But that would of meant getting up at half 7 on a Saturday :|
Anyhoo I did get there and found out I was on track :D
Yay. Basically the closest a person can get to the pitch without being a camera man or a player.
Thought this was funny seeing as this was what I had been day dreaming about on my way to work.

So I walked round to my squad team for track to find we were by the dug out! Where the players and managers sit during that match. This got me excited :)
So this is where I was sitting
I couldn't get my chair in the pic
but this was my view when I was standing up

How good is that??

I was on TV too but I haven't seen it yet 'cos it was on Sky but my mum has it recorded so I'll see it when I go home and take pics of the TV lool
but here's the back of me on Match of the Day
I don't have paint so I can't point me out with an arrow lol sorry

                  thats me  << thats my hair see :D

and thats me there                                         ^^
slightly turning my head
so my face is showing but a blur lol

even though we lost
and I friggin' hate losing to Spurs

it was really cool where I was
I got to see all the action on the bench
like stuff they didn't show on the TV
like Arsene having a total breakdown
and he looked at me and I looked back as if to say
"Sorry but yes this is a disaster"

and Eboue and Koscielny came right next to me when they were warming up before the match :)

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  1. lmao your not seroius. First pic i could tell but the 2nd is all just orange blurs i actually creased when i read "Thats me there"