12 Nov 2010

Do love late night posts

Seem to write better then I think :)
I'm jus' awake
not a good thing

So this is the last of my anecdotal blogs

Tuesday night we had a media social
and I liked the idea of it
I jus' wasn't really in the mood to go out
but thought it had to be done

So Lou (flatmate on my course) invited a couple people on our course round to pre drink
they're in her photography class and I've spoken to two of them before
and they were all really nice
nice to get to know them better

we were having a lot of fun at our flat
played roxanne twice lol
then headed out to the club later than planned lol

Got there and got straight in as we were on the guest list (Y)
also being tipsy already
gave me a lot of confidence to talk to people I'd seen in my class
for example
quite cool looking guy Sam
was outside surrounded by people
and he had a lil cheeky smile on his face
and I pointed and said "Sam!"
and he gave me a big grin and then someone informed me he was too drunk to come in

aww bless
see we got there too late

so yeah we got in
and there was jus' media people everywhere lol
it was cool
managed to find my friend Natalie
who also seems very internety
like me
ie. she has twitter and tumblr

so we got drinks
I actually owe Luke a £1 woops

then we danced
and danced on the stage bit lol
then we saw more media people
& Carl!!
My Jen equivalent
his name is Carl Francis
her brother from another mother

then I lost my flatmate and the people we came in with
but was still with Natalie and found some more media people
particularly this guy Adam, who I think looks a lil bit like Alex Day
and spent most of the night with him and Natalie
until I found the flatmate and crew fairly near the end
with more media people
and we formed a massive media circle
was awesome :D
then more media people came
inc event organiser Dawn
and there was an even bigger media circle!
Jus' so much media!

but I guess the real story of this
was the 2nd time in Brighton
I've gotten rather tipsy
managed to make it home
take all my jewellery, make up off successfully
get m jammies on successfuly
no teeth brushing but mouth wash (Y)
managed to stay awake for another 2 mins after hitting my bed to make sure I received a text from Natalie to say she was home

then conked out

a couple of hours later
I got up to use the loo
in a very sleep drunken haze
as I was walking back to bed
I was doing this with my eyes closed
which I can do in my home bedroom very successfully
but this time
I managed to no flop on the bed
but on the floor
but as I did so grabbed the cover with me lol
and sorta created my own crash pad on the floor
was funny
I was like ahh my bed is hard
opened my eyes
realised where I was
looked round to check I hadn't knocked anything over
which miraculously I hadn't
I had even falled in the only space there was on the floor between my cool box, bag
and didn't hit the chair
and then thought
"wow, I've never done that before"

got up on the bed
and went back to sleep

so there you go
I can add falling on the floor to the embarrassing list of things I've done when drunk
also text a lot of people I shouldn't that night too
there's another one

woke up with a banging hangover
and had to write an essay lol

This is University Life

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  1. LOL
    The whole falling things sounds rather hillarious
    Sometimes I do wish there was a video camera following you around all day - suburbs style - so I wouldn't have to miss these pieces of comic genius

    Hope you're okay :)