10 Oct 2010

You might not like this..

..but I feel like it needs to be said

I hated the heath before
but I really hate Chadwell Heath now
after living somewhere so nice
my trip home jus' highlighted how much of a shithole it really is

I did really enjoy seeing my friends
'cos some of you I do really miss
though going out on the friday was jus' the same old
felt like I was stuck in a time machine
brought back feelings I don't get here in Brighton
feelings I came here to escape
shit jus' follows me around in the heath
I feel much more at home here
more confident
I've not reinvented myself here
I think I jus' have a more positive outlook and attitude

like I said before
everyone back home has moved on and changed
and so have I
I jus' don't know if I fit there anymore

it also makes it so empty here
I'm an only child so I come from a quiet house and I am really independent
but I missed having people around
I really did enjoy my alone time on the thursday night
they used to be my fave at home
but after that I was jus' like yeah, I need people now

might sound dramatic seeing as it was only my first trip home
but I guess that's why I feel like that
next time might feel different

so come December I don't know what I'm gonna do lool

here's Avril to summarise


  1. And you're so lucky you don't have to stay here
    I'm so glad that you've moved on to bigger and better things, though I miss you insanely
    You're better than the heath

  2. i miss you loads
    we're living together in greece remember?
    we're both better than the heath