22 Oct 2010

This is a week late

but worth the wait

so I was in town
and thought I'd have a stroll in Aldi
and I started playing the guess the brand game
on my own lol
not out loud of course

and I was going round
and decided I'd had enough
and went to leave to walk out
when something caught my eye
right in the corner of my eye
and I walked backwards
(like they do in the movies)
and saw
at the bottom shelf in the corner.....


I flashed back to 2 years ago
when everything was schogetten
I instantly bought 3 bars
I mean I had to!

they had new flavours!
though tbh I wasn't that keen on the new flavours
I liked the good ol' milk choc for kids one :)

made me bare happs
I'm bringing schogetten back

isn't this post jus' so schogetten ;)


  1. firstly the walking backwards thing is legendary...i do it too
    secondly. SCHOGETTEN!
    good times with me you and ben <3

    I laughed so loud when you told me this
    You were there
    Which made me even happier