18 Oct 2010

it's my 600th post


I'm in 2 minds at the moment
1 to tell my parents
2 no to tell my parents

this weekend has also shown me how much I'm like my mum and dad
I always thought I had the same attitudes of my mum
but I think I'm much more like my dad than I thought I was
and I think that's a good thing
because like my mum I'm usually too nice, taken for a mug and naive and gets mad easily
my dad is calmer, often says "no point in reacting", which if I'm overreacting, annoys the hell out of me, is more socially cautious and aware (couldn't think of the opposite of naive) and will be straight with you

I have been the complete mix of these two personalities with this incident
which I'm not sure whether to publicise on blog
i told my flatmate I have a blog 'cos she might get one
but she's not involved in this
and is lovely

not that the others aren't
ohhh I wanna tell the rents
but I don't want my dad to get mad at me or the others
I don't want the blame though it was partly my fault
but I also don't wanna sit here smiling when in my head I'm actually pissed off
and I want advice on what to do

everyone who I've told can't understand why I'm not raging and mad
I don't know why I'm not either
I've taken my dads approach with that
I don't know what being like that will achieve
but at the same time
playing it cool is getting nothing done

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