25 Oct 2010

I actually have the opportunity

to do a vlog
or 'vodcast' as the profs calling it
for my assignment
should I?

or there is also a podcast
but if I'm gonna talk may as well do what I do best

'cos I could write it as an essay?
but if she gets like 40 of them
this might stand out?

I would have to write it out anyway
so I guess I could decide at the last minute
everyone I've spoken to is going to write it


(V for vlog lol)

(and nice quiff eh? according to Jo it suits me :/)


  1. You should so vlog it
    I think that would be awesome, and very media-y!
    I love the quiff!

  2. You look different, generally not just Quiff, but yeah i alredy said vlog it up