18 Oct 2010

Horror movies

I'm not the biggest fan of
but sometimes I like to be daring
but I realised yday
I've only ever watched one horror film without my dad, and that's 'cos it was on when I walked in the room and I couldn't really get out of watching it

we all tuned into the human centipede last night as a flat
wasn't looking forward to it
lasted 20 mins
then I'd had enough and the gross parts hadn't even come up yet

I couldn't however get the whole thing out of my head
the film really disturbed me
and I kept picturing this picture on the back of the dvd cover
and the whole concept was jus' spinning round and round

I really really missed my dad yday
I wanted him there to protect me
Jus' his presence in the house

At home he would be in the next room asleep
but would wake up instantly if I even cracked the door a bit
'cos that's what dads do
protect the house
and all I had to protect me yday was 6 teenage girls

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