12 Oct 2010

Flatmate Sarah

and I

the Sarahs lol

went to office today as there was 20% off for students from 6pm to 8pm and you got a goody bag too

so we walked there and had some bonding time talking about the usual, music, boys mostly lol and Brighton
was really fun :)

nice talking to someone who knows nothing about the people you know
so can make objective judgments
and can show you that those people really are dicks
and your taking too much crap from them

I actually bought some more converse :$
I conformed and got the overly common white
but there have been times when I've thought I need white shoes
and heck they were £29 with the discount
so here are pics of my shoes and goodies on iSight 'cos I left my cam at home when I went back last weekend

 I tried not to get my dodgy nail varnish in and did at first then I forgot I was trying not to show it lol

goody bag

weird jelly shoes
everybody got weird small sizes in their bags but I actually got a 7
I didn't want them until the other Sarah said she'd have them
and now I kinda want them lol
We can share them
They'll be good for the beach

these are going on my pin board

no idea what this is

notebook but with squares?

film about shoes

on my shelf:)

going on my already oversized set of keys

would you like this Jen? lol


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  2. lool haha! aww sounds like your having an ace time, nice to hear how your getting on :)..and you foundd a another sarahhh yaay lool! XD

    OoO ild love to see yah on the open day ::D ill speak to yah nearer the date..i dont gots your phone number but ill see yahh on rajis bday yyaay..take care you xxx

  3. I wont take that offensivly so yes i would ^^