12 Oct 2010

Either other people are pathetic or I'm heartless

Jen's post reminded me to post this

a lot of people are missing home and feeling really alone and other feelings ect which I guess are understandable etc
but I'm jus' not feeling any of it
I told my mum I didn't miss her
I was jus' being honest before you do the :O face
doesn't mean I don't love her
'cos I do
but yeah

thinking was maybe an only child thing
but my only child neighbour misses home a lot

seems to early to be missing anything
I think I'm jus' a bit cold hearted now :s


  1. I think you're cold hearted too
    Seen as I can't stand it here without you
    But I still love you
    So you're allowed to be cold hearted

  2. i miss people!
    i dream about you loads!!!
    i jus doesnt overwhelm me