19 Sep 2010

Forgot to blog last week..

..about the Polish guy at Arsenal :D
he tagged along with our squad
and was my supervisors shadow for the day
learning how we steward in England
and at Arsneal 'cos we have the best steward
We do qualifications which other clubs don't
and the coppers say so :)

so yeah we all asked him what it was like in Poland and what they have
and he said
"All we have is the Police. You are much softer here"

I clearly got what he meant but others didn't so they said

"How so?"

to which he responded

"In Poland we all wear helmets. Even the ducks wear helmets!"

this made me LOL so much
clearly the others didn't think it was that funny
so I tried to keep it to myself

and I spent the rest of the day trying to catch his eye so I could talk to him

the moral of this story is that basically
I realised
that it doesn't matter where people are from
if they're not from Britain
I'm immediately intrigued by them
and if they're male
attracted to them lool

but this guy was also pretty cute looking too :)

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