26 Aug 2010

Real Blog

You may have noticed my blogging style has changed a lil
I'm trying to make it into a real blog not a random blog
Maybe 'cos I'm going uni I thought this would be a good idea
& 'cos it's coming to the end of the holidays and I'm feeling like I have less and less to do
But there'll be more anecdotes with continuous prose
more pictures of my stuff and stuff I like
and a lot more videos
I'm mediaing up my blog
'cos after all I'm doing Media Studies at Uni
I'm studying in The Arts


  1. Hey! Thanks for following my blog! I really appreciate it! Just a random question,...how did you come across my blog? I ask that to all of my follows. Call me weird, and I embrace it!


  2. 'I'm trying to make it into a real blog not a random blog'
    i likes your random blog, but i guess you need to be all professional and shizz

  3. i shoulda put emphasis on the trying mala
    im not sure how long it'll last lol