29 Aug 2010

Priscilla Queen Of The Desert

Is SO Good

Go see it if your gonna see a show!
It's brilliant! Really feel good and entertaining show.
It's so camp and gay and Hilarious!
with a million innuendoes like
"come see my map of Tasmania" lool
oh yeah its Australian btw
and the music is awesome :D
I loved it all
But I did grow up on Capital Gold Radio
Which is all the music from 60s, 70s & 80s
all disco :)

If you go see, my fave character is Adam
and he is SOO pretty!
I have never seen someone so beautiful
no joke
that includes women
I mean look at him :

and thats without make up!

&& he waved at me in my box 'cos he came out into the audience on this shoe and was on the same level as my box and right in my eye line :)

and this guy from the Bill was the lead:

quite fit:)

All the guys were Ripped!


  1. Oh my god! These guys are smokin'! I would so get with these guys. Such fine bodies! Well packaged too!

    P.S. I'm a gay 13 year old boy

  2. LOOL sarah ! ah you make me laugh i can pic the enthuasaim in your face hehe XD

    Really Glad you enjoyed the show! and had a ace bday ..looks really funny x