1 Aug 2010

Lol gotta love David

David says: (00:06:15)
what's searching?

Sezzanator says: (00:06:28)
i have to search people coming into the stadium
was my first time today
i jus did bags
but the superviser said if im with them tomorrow im gonna be doing some body searching :s

David says: (00:08:01)
ah shit

Sezzanator says: (00:08:25)
yeah thats what i was nervous about today and was glad i didnt have to do any

David says: (00:08:26)
you'll only be searching girls though?

Sezzanator says: (00:11:55)
no i could do men aswell but seeing as i was with a squad of men and only one other girl i would be doing girls

its only men that arent allowed to search the opposite sex
i dont want to do men anyway lol

David says: (00:12:51)
oh I see
well hopefully you won't find any of the girls too attractive


  1. lol!
    I'm David and I only just read this. Thanks :)