24 Jul 2010

First night out in ages

Thursday was fun
it's nice hanging with different people
and for them to accept you right back :D
It's a shame it happens when you leave school though lol
But I reckon we'll all go out again anyway
So I'll see those faces again

I had a really good time
I think Nazia did too
Good way to break into your 18th year of life

Didn't get to talk to Aysha that much though
I'll have to pay her a visit :)

Also haven't been O'Grady's before
Shall go there again
tis reasonable
and they have kareoke!

Tesco was really fun too

with sleepy times

climbing times

and abbey road attempts


  1. Aww I love these pics
    It looks like sooo much fun
    And I'm soo jealous... Manraj was there! :P

  2. LMAO didnt realise the pics were up here
    yes it was a wicked night
    roll on the next kareoke session
    lol on the ground ands helping nazia up the pole :P

  3. LOOOL this made me laugh so much
    and we can do it thursday all over again!!!!!:D xxxx nazia lol xxx

  4. looooooool at abbey road attempts