24 Jul 2010


It's amazing how someones personality can determine how much you find them attractive
it's so true ya know
If you think they have an ugly/bad whatever personality
they lose points and you don't find them attractive

take Seann William Scott
I thought he was an average looking guy when I saw him in all the American Pie movies
and he plays an arse

but seeing him in other movies recently
he's actually really fit

to me he used to be average guy with a freaky slanted smile

but now its hello :)


  1. yeh! like if a guy has a funi freindlly personaoty who aint partiucalyy A SEX GOD i wud find him REALLY ACE ;)..compared to s SEX GOD whos a complete guit! LOL

  2. Hahah
    This is sooo true, it makes a person so much more attractive if they aren't an arse.

    And I always thought he was fit, mmmm