5 Jul 2010

I may not be very fashioanle but I think I have a fashionable eye

Like I think I know what looks good
and it would be really cool working for a fashion magazine
get free clothes and stuff :)

I mean take Kelly Cutrone
she does not look fashionable
jus wears anything black
but she knows what she's doing

not that I could be anything like her
I'm not interested in it enough
but to work in maybe fashion journalism would be cool
I do love the designers
and hey if I had the money I'd be buying their clothes all the time
and look like the girls from the Hills but 10 times larger

but my outfit yday I whipped together in 10 mins 'cos I had nothing to wear
and was quite impressed with myself
and people thought it was all in one
but was 3 things :)

Topshop sale shorts!

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