29 Jul 2010

I had a moment

last week
from nowhere
jus' a moment that went
"jeez man, what am I doing?"
so since then I've tried to get my priorities in order
which got me to thinking that I haven't done a lot on my own for a while
I think I need to spend some time with me lol
sounds strange but
the summer after year 8 I didn't have many friends
and the friends that I did have all went on holiday
so there was a lot of time I spent on my own
and I kinda got to know myself
so I think I'll try to do that again
and it's gonna start with changing my room
when I had it painted I didn't wanna ruin my nice new green walls
but now I'm thinking, I've not got a lot of time left in it, let's make the most of it and put my identity back in it
So I'm gonna put my posters back up and maybe get some new additions
Which I will document on here
through pictures or film
though I'm feeling film 'cos I can :)


  1. :)
    my sister wants to re-decorate our room
    but tis the opposite
    she wants to get rid of my posters, and all the trinklings i collect :( i say never!

  2. Im liking the whole day to your self. Kinda like my day out in london the other day
    Youd be surprised how happy you feel its so strange i was smiling and humming to myself all day :)

  3. Nothing beats a bit of "me time"
    I cant wait to see the transformation, takes me back to the days of changing rooms :P