24 Jul 2010

I don't do long blog posts anymore

like a diary
or jus a rant
usually 'cos I don't have a lot to talk about 'cos I don't do much
but really it's 'cos I think people don't wanna read 'em
but on the other hand
I like reading other peoples long blog posts
like some y'all I regularly follow do
so I might do one some time soon
if I can think of anything good enough to say
I haven't talked about Amsterdam yet so I could tell you about that

Stay tunnnedd

and also

What do you think about long continuos prose blog posts?


  1. i like the sound of this sarahsss..i like readin long posts cos they usally are about sumthin that sum1 feels reli deeply about :) thumbs up frm wak !

    and ild like to here ALL about our hol to Amsterdam !!! :D :D x

  2. I like reading peoples life stories :)
    Especially yours

  3. mix it up, some long and some short. Pictures help break up trhe long so people keep reading :0